Which Summoners War Runes Should You Keep?


When it comes to Summoners War, there is no doubt that Runes are considered to be the most important and significant. According to experts who know the game well, there is no point having the best of monsters that one might know, unless they are not accompanied by the right runes. Hence one should know which war runes to keep and which to sell. This is not easy and only those with experience and expertise will be able to answer as to which Summoners war runes to keep and which to sell. We will try and get some useful information about the same over the next few lines for the benefit of our readers and also for those who love Summoners War Runes.
Identify As To What Constitutes Good Runes
To begin with you should not what are good runes and what are not. Only then will you be able to decide as to which runes you could keep and which you could dispose off. It may not be possible to give a clear cut answer to this question but there are some basic which could give us some idea as to which runes are good for keep and which should be trashed. We should understand that each and every rune will have its own substats and this naturally will be a part of the main stat. Hence as a thumb rule, you must be sure that the substats of a particular rune should mesh with the main stat.

This will decide on the rune type and the type of monster to put over it. For example if you come across a fatal rune the same should be immediately marked for sell or disposals. However, this is subject to the main state being DEF% and also have Resistance%.
Hence the secret lies in choosing only those which are considered best for support runes. This could include Will or Energy. You should also be sure that fatal runes are used only for monster which are doing the role of attackers. One specific example that comes to the mind is Taor.
Understanding Substats Better
There is no doubt that even the best of experts find substats a bit confusing to say the least. You must know how to hand substats because it could help to make or break a rune. This being said the world of substats is still mired in suspense and even the best of players are not aware as to what exactly lies in it. You must know a bit about Quad rolls if you wish to have a clear idea as to which runes to keep.

These rolls will happen when you are in possession of a legendary rune and this is when the power of all four substats goes into one substat. Hence in such situations, it would always be better to keep quad rolls because they have stronger power being united.
The Final Word
The above are just a few of the important things that one should bear in mind when it comes to keeping or selling runes. There are quite a few other tips and studies which you must try and gather if you are keen on mastering it to some degree.

How To Power Level Your ESO Characters


The Elder Scrolls Online is a popular game on the internet and you can easily play it if you want to enjoy a great deal. There are a number of people who love these kinds of series of RPGs. There is hardly any reason why you shouldn’t play this game. In this article, we are going to talk in detail about the Elder Scrolls Online. You will definitely be able to find some good reasons to play this game. For any other help you could consider talking to some experts.

The release of the Elder Scrolls Online has certainly revolutionized the entire market and you can be rest assured that you are going to fall in love with these kinds of games. The best thing about Elder Scrolls online is that it comes with various mind blowing features which can allow you to become an integral part of the epic-scale battle. In the article given below we are going to talk in particular about the most exciting things about this game. You must ensure that you pay proper attention here

Everything involved in ESO Power Leveling

Character leveling

Character leveling is the Elder Scrolls online mechanic that (duh) increases your character’s levels. Your character levels up, they gain stat points and can access new parts of the game, both new areas of Tamriel, and new dungeons, raids, and adventure areas. A character goes up in level by gaining XP.

Character XP – XP, or ‘experience points’ is the way the game measures what your character has accomplished. Characters can gain experience points in several ways.
• Killing enemies
• Completing quests
• Discovering new areas
• And others

The best way to gain XP is to complete quests. Completing quests earns you large chunks of XP faster than any other activity.

Stat Points-Aside from gaining access to new areas, the big thing you get from character leveling is stat points. Stat points increase your stats–Health, Stamina and Magicka. At each level a player gets a single stat point to put into one stat. How you spend stat points has a huge impact on your game play as Stamina and Magicka power your characters abilities, and Health keeps you alive. A character with low Health (can’t take much damage) and high Magicka requires a different playstyle than one with a more balanced stat pools.

Skill Points

Skill points allow a character to get a new skill. Skills are the powers and abilities that a character uses to complete quests, deal damage and survive combat. The more skills a character has, the more abilities they can call on at need. There are several types of skills, including
• Weapons skills
• Class skills
• Guild skills
• Craft skills

All skills are either active (requiring the player to activate them and only lasting a short time) or passive (on all the time in the ‘background’). Gaining a new skill costs a single skill point.

Characters can gain skill points in several ways. A character can find Skyshards (combining three Skyshards gives 1 skill point), they can read books and learn skills that way, or they can get some skill points when their character levels. Characters who rely only on their leveling skill points to gain new skills will quickly fall behind the abilities of other characters who seek out additional skill points.

Skill leveling

when a character first gains a skill, that skill is relatively weak. Skills increase in power by gaining skill XP and leveling up. Skill leveling and skill XP are separate from character leveling and character XP. A skill gains XP when it is used. The more often a character uses his skills, the more XP they will gain and the faster they will level up. Each time a skill levels up it increases in power.

Morph Abilities

When skills level up they keep the same effects and actions, and those effects get stronger. An attack skill that deals 20 damage at level one might deal 25 damage at level two. However, in addition to leveling up, some skills have morph abilities. Morph abilities give a skill a new effect. Common morph abilities for weapon skills are knockback and stun. A weapons skill that gains the knockback ability has a chance to knock back an enemy on a successful attack. A skill that takes the stun morph ability has a chance to stun enemies on a successful attack. Skills that have morph abilities allow the player to choose which of several possible morph abilities they want their skill to have.

As you can see, gaining additional power in Elder Scrolls online is a lot more involved than just leveling up your character. Most Elder Scrolls leveling guides will include a great deal of information not just on leveling your character, but the best ways to level your skills, how many skill points you want to have at any given level, and more.